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Positively Incredible Customer Service (PICS)


This program is designed to help all members of your store increase their personal customer service productivity, achieve individual/store customer service goals, develop customer service awareness and deliver "Positively Incredible Customer Service." The program's unique methods provide an opportunity to develop lasting customer service behaviors that improve bottom line profitability.


Positively Incredible Customer Service Will Help You:

  • Learn the profile of an ideal Customer Service representative

  • Understand the "Power of You."

  • "A Closer Look" Personality Profile

  • Understand the alarming cost of poor Customer Service

  • Improve customer service attitudes

  • Understand the power of an apology

  • Discover new customer service opportunities

  • Handle difficult customers

  • Learn "key" telephone tips

  • Present a professional image

  • Utilize the power of the Affirmation

  • Learn words to avoid when providing incredible customer service

  • Practice the art of effective listening

  • Learn to say "No" with an alternative

  • Recognize and reduce stress

  • Enhance effective communication

Designed for All Store Employees, We Focus on Specific Action-Oriented Exercises/Challenges That Help You Develop and Practice Positively Incredible Customer Service Behaviors.


Services include:

  • Six (6) hours of customer service training (customized to fit your store needs)

  • Innovative ideas which can be put into action immediately

  • Measurable results by monitoring customer service behavioral change

  • A commitment to personal accountability and ownership of individual actions

  • Provides tracking methods to move you toward new customer service behaviors

For further information regarding a customized delivery of this process contact:


Adam Gawlikowski

Applied Leadership Services, Inc.

Highland, Indiana









General Information

  • Meet with Management team to review CS initiative

  • Provide 6 hours of customer service training

  • Provide "A Closer Look" Profile Assessment for Managers only


Training Details

  • Identify the number of participants including managers

  • Divide participants into groups of 20 to 25

  • Conduct customer service classes

  • Each group attends three sessions

  • Each session is conducted weekly for each group with sessions held on the same day and same time each week

  • Each session is two hours in length

  • All personnel would be exposed to the training process


Materials/Services Provided

  • Customer Service workbooks for each participant

  • Personality Profile analysis for Managers only


Investment Fee

  • $45 Per participant

  • $95 Per manager (Includes ACL Personality Profile)


Main Office Continuous Improvement

  • Establish "Customer Service Action Committee" (CSAC) to meet monthly

  • Train CSAC members on teamwork and how to work together at meetings

  • Attend CSAC meetings for 3 months

  • 2 hours session on team building with CSAC members

  • 3 hours (1 hour each month) to monitor CSAC monthly meetings


Investment Fee

  • $950